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What Does Victory for the Oppressed 99% Look Like in the Age of Trump!

"Those who do not have the ability to make the power elites afraid do not succeed… Only when power is threatened does it react. Appealing to it’s better nature is useless, it doesn't have one...The moment we rise up to defy radical evil we are victorious! The moment those in power learn to fear us we are victorious"
~Chris Hedges


Chris Hedges is one of the great minds and genuine journalists of our time. In an hour and 10-minute speech delivered in Vancouver, British Columbia titled “The Enemy Is Not Donald Trump or Steve Bannon—It Is Corporate Power.” Columnist and world class Journalist Chris Hedges speaks of actions we must take. I will link to the truth dig post where the  speech can be watched and listened at the end of this article. I highly recommend watching it from beginning to end!

I'm not yet convinced Americans are ready to take actions that are radical enough, large enough, and sustained long enough, or to engage in tactics that actually have the potential of bringing down capitalism. Capitalism is cancer that causes all the symptoms of white supremacist political, economic, sexist, classist, LGBTQIA and other forms of oppression that are used by the U.S. Government here and around the globe. Capitalism is class warfare and so far the capitalists have been winning the war as millions of lives of People of Color, the working class, and the earth, sky, and water are being devoured by capitalists to feed their bellies, bank accounts, and their every growing insatiable lust for more that will never be satisfied.


We have only short window of time in which to grow the numbers of working class resistors required, prepare them for direct action that will be sustained long enough to strike fear in the hearts of the power elite, to mobilize the 99%, and to come up with strategies that will be unexpected by the corporate elites. However, the first thing we must do is  count the cost and be honest with ourselves and one another as to whether we are willing to accept the likely consequences the police state will for certain rain down on us this may include beatings, death at the hands of militarized police, arrest, being convicted by judges and juries,  and incarceration.

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These were the kinds of successful actions taken by Dr. Martin Luther King and those with him in places like Selma and Birmingham Alabama, Gandhi in India, and Nelson Mandela in South Africa. We must face the fact that we will also experience the same consequences these leaders and their followers lived through victoriously. If we take these kinds of radical strategic actions will to will be victorious.

In order to have the numbers needed, we must stop engaging in identity politics and by doing so cooperating with the corporate elite's strategy of divide and conquer. We must begin to listen to those without judgment that we disagree with. This includes recognizing and acknowledging that the white working white people class people who had been duped into voting for Donald Trump as a result of very real and justified pain. We must realize that recognizing their pain does not nullify or require ignoring the oppression, abuse, genocide of all People of Color - especially  Black people, the LGBTQIA community, Muslims, Homeless… If we want to have a genuine and successful anti-capitalist socialist revolution in the United States and around the globe we must become willing to patiently share the pain of those we disagree with and if possible demonstrate to them why socialism is the answer and that capitalists and other power elites are their enemies.

We must do this because the possibility of bringing together the number of people necessary to bring down capitalism with only those with whom we agree is slim at best.  We must begin to see no one as strangers to us and everyone as neighbors.

I’m not saying that we must accept my fellow white people’s White Privilege, racism, and hate. However, I was once one of those white Republican Fundamentalist Conservative Evangelicals who hated and oppressed those different from myself. Many of these folks are now becoming disillusioned and awakened to the reality that they have been duped by Donald Trump and his minions. It was similar disillusionment (being set free from allusions) and betrayal like they are now beginning to feel that started me down the pass of radically transforming my entire worldview and political, social, and spiritual values and beliefs.

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The victory of the 99% is ours for the taking. If we rise up and prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually (If you believe in spirituality) and physically prepare ourselves, reach out to all of our neighbors to build solidarity and trust, prepare each other for the battle, committing to doing anything and everything necessary, prepare to sustain our actions for any length of time necessary, prepare ourselves for the consequences of the actions we take, and use our imaginations to come of with new tactics that take militarized police and capitalists and other power elites by surprise. Then act out in solidarity across every barrier between ourselves and our neighbors.

Here is the link to the video of Chris Hedges great speech “The Enemy Is Not Donald Trump or Steve Bannon—It Is Corporate Power.” I’ve also embedded the video for those who would prefer watching it right here.

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