Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mexico’s Zapatista “F... You” Donald Trump Organic Coffee!

What can America's Revolutionary Left Learn From Mexico's Indigenous Revolutionaries?

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Yesterday I read a on the Latin American television network article about what the Zapatistas of Chiapas, Mexico are doing in rebellion against Donald Trump’s deportation of undocumented immigrants. The article was titled "How Zapatistas Will Help Trump Victims with ‘Fuck You’ Coffee"

Working alongside allied international distributors, the EZLN will use coffee sale funds to provide financial assistance to U.S. deportees in Mexico. They will also use funds to support pro-immigrant resistance groups around the world protesting anti-immigrant governments. ~ From the teleSur article. You can read more by Clicking Here.


I have a local activist friend who spent time in Chiapas Mexico supporting the revolution by the Zapatistas in the 1990’s. He has shared things he learned while there. About the Zapatistas and how their fight relates to our anti-capitalist and social justice fight in the U.S. Until I read the above-referenced article which then lead to reading another. I just wasn’t understanding what he was explaining but I had a nagging feeling it was important.

Zapatista Coffee1a.jpgI roast my own coffee, I know that’s a foreign idea for most people, but it’s a hobby I enjoy. The teleSur article made me want to see if I could find a few pounds of raw coffee grown in Chiapas by Zapatistas. I want to support their rebellion against Donald Trump. I shared this tidbit for a little context to what led to writing this post.

For a while, I have thought we need to become a mass movement of people who are purposely living off the grid of the American colonial political system. People who are practicing real democracy in daily life. People who are not sucked in by the corrupt U.S. system and are not seeking to promote ourselves and our agenda at the expense of others.

Last night I spent what for me was a long time reading until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer and then again this morning, about the Zapatista's in Mexico. I read their “FOURTH DECLARATION OF THE LACANDON JUNGLE.” You can read it too by Clicking Here.

After reading that I am finally beginning to understand some things my friend who spent time among the Zapatistas has tried to explain. Apparently, I needed a bit more context.

Lately, I've begun leaning toward the idea that the only way we will be able to change the established U.S. and global system of Capitalism is from the outside. By separating ourselves from it in our daily lives and in our resistance work. The “FOURTH DECLARATION OF THE LACANDON JUNGLE” seems to confirm that it is necessary to experience success resisting the Capitalists and creating our own democracy for several years. Only then will we been able to authoritatively convince the larger population that genuine government of the people, by the people, and for the people is possible. Proving to the establishment that counter-revolutionary resistance is ineffectual.

This thought comes also from my many years of experience trying to change Christian thinking and practices from within the system of organized religion. While within the system as a church member and as a professional Clergyman I couldn't even make all the personally changes that I knew I needed to make. As I see it organized religion and politics are fraternal twins. This is why so many conservative white evangelicals are in politics and attempt force their religious beliefs on all American citizens. It wasn't until I separated myself from the corrupt system that I began making headway in transforming myself and then was able to help others find their own new path.

I suspect I have a lot more to learn from the  Zapatistas, but at this point, I feel encouraged that if we on the left should not get caught up in the establishment system in the  U.S. If  we separate we too will be able to experience revolutionary democracy, social justice and equality for People of Color, woman, LGBT, and everyone in the United States. That like the Zapatistas we can know democracy, freedom, equality, and opportunity outside the existing government structure.
As I write this I decided to look for more information on the Zapatistas and found another article it is a pdf, it is worth reading. It shows what has failed in other countries is successful for more than 30 years among the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico. The pdf is worth downloading so how about grabbing a cup of  Fuck You and spend read it. Just Click Here to download the pdf.

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